Navigating Energy

What makes us different?

We offer portfolio companies forward-thinking perspectives on key energy sector and investment trends.

Azimuth believes in

Successfully investing in the energy industry requires an ability to navigate through, and take advantage of, the risks inherent in the sector.

Azimuth’s established North American presence has enabled us to build strong relationships with leading energy executives and emerging leaders in North America and internationally. Our experience and relationships position Azimuth to identify industry trends, source compelling opportunities and patiently build unique businesses in a changing and evolving landscape.

We actively work with our portfolio companies to assess and manage risk, develop and execute business and financing plans and, ultimately, optimize exit strategies.


Intellectual curiosity provides a catalyst to develop inventive solutions to create value.


Azimuth is an active and engaged manager, providing a guiding influence to navigate the dynamic and challenging energy environment.


Governance and incentives must support the common objectives of shareholders and management to drive optimal outcomes.


Our core objective is to deliver consistently strong risked returns to our Limited Partners.


We invest in experienced management teams with differentiated strategies building profitable, sustainable businesses – strengthening the economy, generating positive ESG impacts and creating opportunities for the people and communities in which we operate.