Navigating Energy

Pete Johnson

Partner - 650 450 3813

Pete is a Partner with the Firm.  His responsibilities include developing investment hypotheses in the changing energy landscape, origination of new investment opportunities, performing strategic, technical, and financial due diligence, and guiding existing portfolio companies.  Pete runs the Firm’s SF Bay Area office and focuses on investments in energy and materials technology and infrastructure.

Prior to joining Azimuth, Pete was Co-Founder, President, and Chief Technology Officer of Monolith Materials, Inc., a company that secured, developed, and commercialized technology for producing industrial grade hydrogen and carbon materials from natural gas with significant environmental and economic advantages over incumbent methods.  Monolith is now constructing a commercial facility in Nebraska and is considered the gold standard for new technology in the carbon materials industry.  Prior to forming Monolith, Pete led engineering and product development for AREVA Solar and spearheaded the manufacturing and construction of a 125 MW solar plant in Rajasthan, India after successfully merging the company Ausra with AREVA.

Pete received a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.  Prior to that he graduated Summa cum Laude with a Bachelors degree in Physics from the University of Utah.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California and is an inventor on 12 patents.  He serves as an advisor to multiple companies in the energy and material space as well as to the US Department of Energy.