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The Azimuth team has decades of diverse North American and global energy sector experience. Direct entrepreneurial, operating and executive leadership experience enables us to identify, assess and capture differentiated, market relevant energy opportunities that are capable of generating globally competitive risk-adjusted rates of return.

Azimuth is focused on building operationally strong, value-creating companies that can achieve dual-track relevance – attractive to both strategic acquirers and the public markets. Azimuth has executed three successful North American initial public offerings of energy companies along with numerous sales to strategic acquirers.

Azimuth currently manages four funds totalling approximately $1.6 billion of cumulative capital. Three of the funds are fully committed, while our latest fund is in its primary investment period.

Azimuth also manages an additional $1.8 billion of cumulative capital through our innovative co-investment program. This program uniquely positions Azimuth to invest in mid-sized and larger energy opportunities while strengthening influence, governance and investor rights in our portfolio companies.

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