Navigating Energy

Energy Evolution

Azimuth has successfully invested in the Energy Evolution space for over 10 years, selectively increasing our exposure as the energy transition has advanced. Through this unique experience and track record, we have developed a refined perspective on how to patiently build Energy Evolution businesses in a changing landscape.

Our Energy Evolution strategy targets growth equity investments in sustainable energy assets with proven technology advantages and affirmative environmental impact. Opportunities considered must enable, enhance or benefit from the advancing global energy transition, with standalone economics and clear environmental advantages with a focus on net reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Environmental service company that utilizes proprietary technology to clean oil and gas drilling waste to reduce environmental footprint while recovering high value fluid for re-sale.

Proprietary technology that converts natural gas to carbon black (tires) and purified hydrogen. Incumbent process uses oil as feedstock, resulting in higher relative cost and environmental damage compared to Monolith.

Magma is a private company based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom that has developed new technology related to the construction of deepwater riser pipes used in the transfer of oil and natural gas from the ocean bed to the surface. Magma has also developed m-pipe®, a carbon/polymer pipe with a monolithic polymer structure offering improved reliability, lighter weight and longer life than conventional un-bonded flexible pipe or steel solutions.

Altex is a fully-integrated, bidirectional, multi-destination, crude by rail company connecting producers of heavy oil and crude oil products from Northern Alberta to markets within Alberta, the rest of Canada, the US Midwest, the US Gulf Coast and export markets.

M-Flow is developing water-cut and multiphase meters for the oil and gas industry that can be used for on-shore or offshore applications. Compared to current meters in the industry, M-Flow meters have better operational effectiveness, accuracy and lower lifecycle costs.

Vancouver-based private company focused on liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) project development in British Columbia (“BC”).